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Look back in passion,look back in expectation ,look back in happiness.It is the classroom again! This time, I stand near the door with a purpose to open it  for my students,a door without reservations,a door without narrow minded perceptions that puts a robust bolt  against the thoughtful connections to a better tomorrow.The breeze that gushes in suddenly is of individual opinion that flutters the pages of a notebook with the ink of their thoughts. They raise hand to participate,to percolate the promise of positivity. They shout out loud,for they don’t believe in endings with catharsis.They turn pages in confidence as they have mastered the last one already.They question conventions,they break stereotypes,they ask the reason for class prejudice.They don’t wake up,they jump out of the couch since the daylight brings a new motivation to them. 

I am still standing near the door staring  at  a girl inside the classroom in white shirt,red skirt ,maroon tie ,stockings and black shoes ,with dark glittering eyes who is standing near the window,but. She did not know where the door was,the door to absolute novelty,vicissitudes of all the years till date.She has dreams sailing smooth but often shaken by the rocks of reality.She is challenged for she is not an outcast but a rebel.She is holding the flag now.She wants to hoist it. Now,I am walking towards the window.She stood up,smiled ,showed a thumbs up. I kept walking. We two are blended now.

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When everyone was looking for success I decided to follow my passion to make the path intriguing,interesting,innovative and evolving.What I received in return was,an all new planet of knowledge in front of me, that only requires observation and working on the same.Be the central character of the story you create till you have time.Universe is infinite,resources are not.Select, imbibe , assimilate,change.

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